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For Santos Cruise Passengers: Your Transfer Plus to the Safe Harbour

São Paulo - Santos: Only with a Driver

You have book major vacation emotions - a Cruise to South America? And you wonder how to best get from São Paulo Airport to the „safe harbour“ in Santos or back? Then steer for a stress-free transfer from São Paulo-Guarulhos or São Paulo down town to Santos with myDriver São Paulo.

Whether the unknown Brazil, missing Portuguese knowledge or the traffic challenges of a 22-millions-megacity: avoid the dangerous pitfalls.  And book safety already overland. Savor your comfortable private ride to Santos, while the count-down for your check-in in the Cruise Center is running. Or enjoy your trip back, after your sea turn, all relaxed and in time for your flight home.


Arrive safely with us

Full speed ahead: for the most beautiful time of the year, we offer an airport shuttle service - taylored to your individual necessities. This starts with the 2-hour seaport transfer. E.g. for 3 persons in a comfortable, air-conditioned executive limousine. Or for 4 persons in an spacy, air-conditioned family van.

Get on board all relaxed: Check in your luggage in the Cruise Port. And start an enjoyable sight-seeing tour - tazlored to your personal time window and in proximity to the Cruise Port. A breath-taking panoramic view all over Santos with the biggest harbour in Latin America and many other highlights await you. In time for boarding, your driver will bring you to the Cruise Center. And if you have questions on Brazil: our drivers dispose of excellent local knowledge, have long-time experience with international visitors and are being continously trained with us. On top, you can communicate in English with them.


Your First-Class Driver Service

We do more than you expect: You arrive earlier or later in São Paulo? No problem! Your driver will be informed in time. And will welcome you personally right behind the baggage claim - no matter when your flight or ship will arrive, and free for you during the first hour. Your driver takes care for your luggage and brings you to your hotel on the fastest way. And of course to all the targets during your entire stay. Perfect service at taxi-like rates.

Taylor-made for Cruise Passengers

  • Perfect service at taxi-like rates

  • Service and Process Quality „made in Germany“

  • Developped by world-wide frequent travellers

  • With 20 years of experience in São Paulo